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Resetting OneDrive for Mac

OneDrive for Mac can sometimes get in a state where it’s no longer syncing correctly. Resetting it usually solves the issue, but isn’t always very straightforward. There is a script included in OneDrive’s app bundle (in which you can simply double click, but sometimes manual action is required:

First, make sure OneDrive is closed entirely. The OneDrive cloud icon should not be visible in the menu bar.

Then, in System Settings, go to Privacy & Security -> Extensions -> Finder Extensions and disable the OneDrive Finder Extensions for all locations.

Now, delete the synced OneDrive folders:

chmod -RN ~/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive-* 
rm -rf ~/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive-*

Also delete OneDrive’s cache folder:

rm -rf ~/Library/Group\ Containers/UBF8T346G9.OneDriveStandaloneSuite/

And delete its configuration:

rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/*

Then reenable the extensions that you disabled earlier, and restart OneDrive. It should now be reset entirely. Log in and set everything up again just like when you’re doing a fresh install.